How to Build Your Own Travel Blog

Let me guess.  You love travelling.    And chances are you’ve probably already discovered a few amazing, and inspiring travel blogs.

Why not create your own.  Don’t wait until after you leave on your big adventure to start blogging.  Create one today.

Not only will a travel blog provide a wonderful record of your travels, you can also earn an income on the side to help pay for your adventure.  Many of my friends, have setup travel blogs that earn them hundreds of dollars in revenue each month.

Setting up a travel blog is easy and will take you just 20 minutes.  Let me show you show:

How to Start a Travel Blog

Step 1: A Domain Name and Hosting

What do you want the domain name of your new travel blog to be?  Deciding on a name is the fun part.  Think of some different combinations (such as and then visit Bluehost.

Check to see if your domain name is available by entering it as shown below:

Bluehost Domain Search for Travel Blogging

As well as a domain, you’ll need a hosting account.  A hosting account is your space on the web and it’s where your blog is stored and made available for the world to visit.  Bluehost allows you to get both a Domain and Hosting at the same time.

After selecting your domain, hit next to setup your hosting account.  It will take just 2 minutes to complete.  Bluehost offers the cheapest rates for hosting and you’ll get the domain name completely free.

Step 2: Set Up WordPress

WordPress is an extremely easy to use Blogging Software that you install on your hosting account.  Don’t worry, the install process is dead simple as Bluehost has an automated tool that does it all for you.  Here is a video that walks through the process step by step:

It will take less than 2 minutes to install wordpress.

Step 3: You’re Done!  Now Make it Yours

You’ve now got your very own Travel Blog.  Have a look at the settings panel to change the name of your blog.  You can now also choose a new theme or design for your blog.    There are a ton of themes available completely free, provided by WordPress.

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